Clinging to the Petit Luberon mountainside – Oppede le Vieux.


It isn’t the beautiful church at Oppede le Vieux or even the long history that is the most fascinating feature of this village in the Luberon region of Provence. It is the fact that it was abandoned for many years and even now it is slow to find new residents, there are only about 60 people living in the town. Although not that far away from other Provence favourites, Oppede le Vieux doesn’t attract that many visitors. The day we were there all the people other than our friends enjoying the sights were in fact from France.

Oppede le Vieux France 3.jpg

Paths wind up the mountain side to the church and ruined castle.


Oppede le Vieux France 4.jpg

Wherever there are a few rays if sunshine there are window flower boxes.

The village clings to the side of the mountain, all the passageways are narrow and ancient. You climb high up to the church Notre Dame d’Alidon where there is a commanding view of the expansive region. The entire village had moved to the valley below in the early 1900′s and it wasn’t until after the second world war that people started to return. So now there are two villages, Oppede and Oppede le Vieux – the older. Some great photo opportunities around every corner. It’s a don’t miss place to visit when you are near the area.

A fine cafe awaits your return or is a great place to start and check out the sights

I would go back to Oppede le Vieux in a heartbeat. It’s all thanks to our friend Marie who made our visit to the Luberon such a special time.



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    Oooh Dood the shot of the two windows! Un un un! Wow! And really nice use of the antique filters! Vous c’est un artiste mon ami!

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    In Provence France the Luberon keeps Oppede le Vieux secret. | the things i see

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