From ancient Roman road to Templar stronghold.

La Cavalerie Templar Site

The fortified ramparts at La Cavalerie appear to be out of place today on the Larzac plateau. Because at first this location doesn’t appear to have any strategic value, but this Templar commanderie was the crossroads of pilgrimage routes leading south to the mediterranean ports in the 12th century. I’m not certain why I am so fascinated by Templar history, but I certainly visit their outposts whenever possible. Maybe it’s the mystery surrounding their time in the Holy Land and what they found – or didn’t find there. Perhaps it’s the rumours surrounding more mysteries at Rennes le Chateau – a place I found to be quite strange. But here they were in the Aveyron region in France in a big way. La Cavalerie is just one of five fortified sites in the area, worth a detour if you’re on the way to see the bridge at Millau.


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