The bustling Paris neighbourhood near Luxembourg Park

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Looking out the window in the morning as Paris comes alive. Must be time for coffee. This neighbourhood in the 6th arrondissement near Luxembourg Park is bustling in the morning. Just down the street at the corner of Rue Gay-Lussac and Blvd. Saint Michel is the brasserie Le Cercle, the perfect place for a cafe crème and croissants to start the day. The park is just waking up, people hurrying to the metro on the way to work, students of all ages chattering to their friends on the way to school or university, lots of people watching to enjoy.

Luxembourg Park.jpg

First thing once the sun is up, Luxembourg Park is a favorite spot with runners shaking off last night’s sleep in the fresh air. Soon the cafes in the Park will open and more people will arrive to enjoy this famous landmark. This is the park where Isadora Duncan danced late into the night or in the early morning if you prefer. Hemingway was a regular in his less affluent days. It is a park for families, friends, lovers, a place to relax and unwind, a perfect place to watch the Jeux de Boules matches. The children can enjoy the puppet theatre, the merry-go-round or take a pony ride along the many paths crisscrossing the park. Parisians embrace this special place in a big way. At one time it was a refuge for them to kick back and avoid the hoards of tourists on the busy weekends. Now though the secret’s out and many visitors show up with their baguettes and favorite wine also trying to have a quiet moment to recharge before the next busy day arrives.

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  1. Posted March 5, 2013 at 4:08 am by Lisa Morris | Permalink

    Love the sight lines on the luxemburg garden & the canopy of trees. Ps check out the back trail to Teapot hill, there is one spot; ferns covering the ground with trees intertwined above; sunlight glistening through…it is magical.

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